About Angie


Angie & her family: Ashlyn, Jason, Jackson, Angie, Addison

Love: Family, deep friendships, Chipotle, sweatpants & Podcasts

Hate: Spiders, running, peas, playing pretend, & my grey hairs

Quick Stats: I’m married to the man I went to senior prom with back in our small town in Indiana and we now make our home near Cincinnati, OH, where I get to serve both my family and others while he punches a bunch of 0’s and 1’s on a black screen all day (aka, he writes software).

I lose interest in finishing almost every book I read before the last two chapters (probably why I love Podcasts) and somehow there are 5 sips left at the bottom of every drink I pour. Otherwise, my nature is fiercely stubborn, self-sufficient, and motivated.

Thankfully, the Lord has me on a journey to release my grip on the little things in life and to embrace His grace for myself and others. I am learning to let Him mend my heart from a past that had me believe I could earn His approval. “He is a good Father and He wants good things for us,” is a daily reminder for myself (often multiple times a day).

On a normal day, you can find me at the dance studio with my girls, snuggling my mamma’s boy, or in my favorite sweatpants cheering on the Indianapolis Colts (hopefully with all of the ones I love)!

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